Key Contacts

State Mandated Program Coordination

Keith B. Knoblock | 520-621-4795 | email

  • Questions about ASM's State Mandated Programs.
  • Approval of ASM quotes, changes to scopes of ASM service on issued quotes, questions on the new online quote system.
  • AAA Arizona Antiquities Acts rules and policy.

AAA Permits

Shannon Twilling | 520-621-2096 | email

  • Reporting of archaeological or paleontological discoveries on state land.
  • Submission of AAA permit applications.
  • Review of treatment plans and reports conducted under AAA project-specific permits.
  • Review of prospective Principal Investigators (PI) and Project Directors (PD) for listing on AAA permits.
  • Archaeological or paleontological site definition inquiries.
  • Submission of final documents for projects conducted under AAA project-specific permits that are curated at repositories other than at the Arizona State Museum (ASM).
  • Cultural Resources Summary Letters for non-archaeologists.

Archaeological Records

Christina Jenkins | 520-621-4011 | email

  • Submission of Notifications of Intent (NOIs) to conduct survey under an AAA Blanket Permit.
  • ASM site number requests.
  • Records Management Agreements (RMA).
  • Submission of projects conducted under AAA blanket permits.
  • Issuance of ASM accession numbers for non-collection survey projects intended for curation at the Arizona State Museum.
  • Archaeological Records Office access requests.

Kathryn MacFarland | 520-621-4011 | email

  • Records research for archaeologists.
  • Document requests for archaeologists.
  • Non-collection survey report review.

Archaeological Repository

Arthur Vokes | 520-626-9109 | email

  • Repository Agreements.
  • Repository collections access.

Theah Erickson | 520-626-9109 | email

  • Repository collections submission.
  • Curation box requests.

State Repatriation

Claire S. Barker | 520-626-0320 | email

  • Issuance of AAA Burial Agreements.
  • Human remain discoveries.

Shannon Twilling | 520-621-2096 | email

  • Submission of AAA Burial Agreement applications and reports.

James Watson | 520-621-4794 | email

  • Burial excavation and analysis services.

Business Services

Museums Business Center | 520-621-6060 | email

  • Invoice and payment inquiries.