Arizona Antiquities Act Permits

Archaeologists and paleontologists must qualify for and then obtain an Arizona Antiquities Act (AAA) Blanket Permit or Project-specific Permit from the Arizona State Museum before conducting survey or excavation on state lands.

State lands means lands owned or controlled by the State of Arizona or by any agency, instrumentality, or political subdivision of the State of Arizona, including any county or municipal corporation.

The Permits Office reviews permit applications and supporting documentation; qualifications of applicants, Principal Investigators, and Project Directors; and reports of work conducted under AAA Project-specific Permits.

The Permits Office also researches ASM’s site records for nonprofessional archaeologists. Results of the research are provided in a Cultural Resources Summary Letter.

Holiday Season Scheduling Information

  • ASM's Mandated Programs Offices will be closed from 12/21/18 through 1/1/2019.

Blanket Permits

To ensure receipt of a 2019 Arizona Antiquities Act Blanket Permit by 1/1/2019, all applications must be received in hard copy format by 12/1/2018.

Please note:

  • Blanket permits do not require the submission of an online quote request unless a new Project Director (PD) and/or Principal Investigator (PI) is being added.
  • Considering the volume of applications received during the typical renewal periods, we do not recommend submitting new Project Directors (PD’s) and/or Principal Investigators (PI’s) for blanket permit application review unless your firm has no other staff available to fill these required positions.
  • Submitting a new PD and/or PI review request requires submitting an online quote request.
  • Expedited ASM services are generally unavailable between 11/23/2018 and 1/04/19. Expedited service availability starts again on 1/07/19.
  • Permit applications received after 12/1/2018 will not be reviewed until after 1/2/2019.

Please mail signed applications to:

Shannon Twilling, Arizona State Museum, Archaeological Permits Office, 1013 E. University Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85721

Other Important End of the Year Scheduling Information

  • Expedited ASM services are generally unavailable between 11/23/2018 and 1/4/2019. Expedited service availability starts again on 1/7/2019.
  • Any ASM services for which the intent is to receive key deliverables by 12/21/2018 must be requested through the online quote site no later than midnight on 12/09/18.
  • Quotes must be approved, invoices paid, and key forms received before 12/12/18 to ensure processing happens before 2019.
  • Routine service schedules resume on 1/2/2019.
  • End of the year processing constraints and deadlines for burial agreements should be addressed directly to Claire Barker ( AND Cristin Lucas (
  • During university closure, 12/21/2018 through 1/2/2018, please continue to email Notification of Intent (NOI) forms to Christina Jenkins ( No acknowledgement or other approval of this notification is required for work to begin.
  • Report the discovery of human remains or intent to disturb human remains to Claire Barker ( AND Cristin Lucas ( Please also phone the office at 520-626-0320.
  • Continue to report archaeological and paleontological discoveries to Shannon Twilling by email ( or by phone at 520-621-2096.