About ASM Research


Arizona State Museum is renowned for its excellence in preserving, interpreting, and presenting the material culture of the US Southwest and northern Mexico. Research at ASM includes conducting excavations, studying ancient migrations, and researching the origins and influence of the ancient peoples of the U.S. Southwest and northern Mexico, among numerous other disciplines.

The Research Division of the Arizona State Museum is a dynamic group of individuals with diverse research interests who also manage a variety of state and federal mandates.

Our ten faculty and two staff manage five laboratories (Bioarchaeology, Borderlands, Homol’ovi, Office of Ethnohistorical Research, Zooarchaeology), a research center (GFR Center for Tapestry Studies), an Arizona State Office (Archaeological Permits and Repatriation Office), and curate the extensive collections associated with these units.

ASM research spans the continent but focuses largely on the greater Southwest. Our researchers are actively engaged in the process of creative discovery that facilitates original, synthetic, and applied scholarship, some of which informs our exhibits and public programs, while other scholarship shapes the direction of the various disciplines or meets the needs of the multicultural communities that we serve. In short, ASM research contributes to the University of Arizona’s land grant mission by bridging innovative research, dynamic teaching, and compelling outreach for the people of Arizona.