About Our Collections

Consisting of more than 3 million objects, ASM's collections are held in trust for the people of the state of Arizona and include 300,000 catalogued archaeological artifacts, 40,000 ethnographic artifacts, 500,000 photographic negatives and original prints, and 90,000 volumes of rare and hard-to-find book and publication titles.

Archaeology: ASM's archaeological collections are organized into four separate collections, including the individually cataloged objects collection, the bulk material research collection, the site survey specimens, and the southwestern sherd library.  

Bioarchaeology: ASM's Bioarchaeology Research Division is responsible for the preservation of human skeletal remains uncovered during archaeological projects from within Arizona.

Ethnology: ASM's ethnological collections represent over 400 different culture groups, with more than one-third from the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

Library and Archives: ASM's Library and Archives specialize in the archaeology, anthropology, and ethnology of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

Photography: ASM's photographic collection's emphasis is on prehistoric and historic archaeology and ethnology of the Native peoples of the American Southwest and northern Mexico. Photographs document both fieldwork and artifacts.

Other ASM Collections: Enjoy this video on ASM's collection of Mediterranean artifacts, featuring Irene Bald Romano, curator of Mediterranean Archaeology.

ASM's collections are generally open to academics and others seeking research data. For more information refer to the contacts provided on the individual collections webpages.