Welcome! I am proud to share the museum with you.

First and foremost, Arizona State Museum is your state museum. I want ASM to become as relevant to you and to the larger community as it is and has been to researchers, academics, students, professional archaeologists, tribal governments, and state and federal agencies. 

ASM is the preeminent institution engaged in the anthropology and history of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Our researchers are leaders in all areas of Southwestern anthropology, sought after the world over for their expertise. Our unparalleled collections are accessed continuously through tours, research, teaching, and exhibits. This is where groundbreaking research is conducted and where visitors have authentic, life-enriching encounters with the region's enduring cultures through our public programs.

Indeed, the people of Arizona have many reasons to be proud of the Arizona State Museum and you have many reasons to visit with us again and again.

Welcome and enjoy!

Patrick D. Lyons, Ph.D., RPA